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Frequently asked Questions

Why do Tubes manufactured by Gandhi Special do NOT require Pickling?

Tubes manufactured by Gandhi Special are Bright Annealed in an advanced German continuous Roller Hearth Furnace where there is NO scale formation while annealing. The resulting tubes are absolutely bright & scale free and hence there is NO need to Pickle the tubes manufactured by us!

What are the basic and important criteria from Bright Annealed Tubes for Hydraulic System ?

Tubes for medium and high pressure applications must have high degree of reliability and ductility for forming operations like bending, flaring, ferrule biting etc. They should be properly annealed and should not have residual stresses. They also need to be bright and scale free as scales can contaminate Hydraulic Oil under high pressure and damage expensive pumps and valves.

Why does Gandhi Special focus on contamination prevention in Hydraulic/High Pressure Applications?

Contamination is the direct or indirect cause of more hydraulic system failures than any other single cause. More than 90% of the Hydraulic System failures/breakdowns are on account of contamination. System efficiency is reduced by as much as 20% before some kind of problem is recognized.

Contamination affects Hydraulic Systems in multiple ways:

  • Corrosion of Hydraulic equipment such as pumps, valves, cylinders etc.
  • Seizure of components caused by large amounts of contaminants getting stuck in the clearance.
  • Sticking of parts due to sludge or silting (collection of fine particles in critical areas which will impair proper system operations.
  • Increased internal leakage which generates excess heat, wastes Horsepower, lowers efficiency and decreases the ability of valves to control flow and pressure accurately.

Therefore, Contamination prevention is a major concern for all who operate, service and maintain Hydraulic Systems. Since Tubes manufactured by Gandhi Special are Bright Annealed, Ductile and Scale Free, they are most suitable tubes for hydraulic application!

Why are Pickled Tubes not suitable for Hydraulic Application?

Pickling on tubes is done with Acid and Acid residue remains inside the tubes even after rinsing etc, this causes even more rust & contamination after some time, hence Pickled Tubes not suitable for Hydraulic Application.

Why does Gandhi Special prefer tubes made from Fully Aluminium Killed Steel?

Tubes made from Fully Aluminium Killed Steel ensure resistance to ageing which can lead to embrittlement & cracks in the tubes. Small amount of Aluminium in fully Aluminium killed steel fixes dissolved nitrogen in steel and gives resistance to ageing and stability to structure.

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